Breathless Whispers Presents Mia . . .

Breathless Whispers Mia


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Hello, slutty boy. Today is the last day of the miserable and pathetic life you know. From now on, you belong to me, MISTRESS MIA.

I can be a sensual and giving MISTRESS, or a strong, strict and CONTROLLING DOMME.

Your job is to AMUSE, ENTERTAIN and *PLEASE* Me.

In our world of role plays, you will be punished, made to do filthy, degrading acts and suffer for all of your sins, real or imagined!

I am always looking for new sluts, slaves, sissies, losers and naughty fuckwhores. Virgin sluts and seasoned whores are welcome ... the nastier the better!

The following are SOME of my favorite fetishes:

Furthermore, you WILL CALL ME TO BE:
Mistreated, teased, verbally abused, objectified, exploited for fun, penetrated, used, defiled and corrupted ... and you will THANK YOUR MISTRESS for every minute of it!

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